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Buying a portable building is a BIG investment. Make sure you are getting the most value for your money.

At Shed Gal Portable Buildings, we sell more portable buildings than ANY dealer, with ANY company, in the entire state. We know portable buildings and we truly care about our customers.


We have done our research. If there was a higher quality building available...we would be selling it.

There is a reason that we always say ✔ out the rest and then come ✔ out the BEST.

At Shed Gal Portable Buildings, we PROUDLY represent Graceland Portable Buildings.

When looking for a building, it is wise to:

• purchase from a company who has engineered drawings on every building. We have them. If they do not have them, that should be a red flag.

• purchase from an established local company. Will the company you are considering purchasing from be around for the long term? We will be around. Graceland has been offering buildings in 23 states since 2004.

Here are some more very important questions to ask when shopping for a building:

° Do all of their buildings have 2" x 6" trusses? 
° Do all of their buildings have 2" x 4"s that are 16" on center and double studs every 4 feet?
° Do they install roof ridge vents and a soffit system in every building?
° Do they install truss and floor joist hurricane clips in every building?
° Do they include hurricane anchors on every building?
° Do they have engineered drawings for every building? 

We do ALL of the above AND MORE with every building.  No "upgrades" aka "spend more money" are needed with Graceland Portable Buildings.

  • FREE DELIVERY and NO PILOT CAR FEES within 50 miles.
  • FREE no obligation on-site visits available 7 days a week.
  • Purchase outright or with our NO CREDIT CHECK RENT-TO-OWN plan.
  • NO security deposit required for our rent-to-own plan.
  • Give us a call or text us at 425-247-8507 with any questions.


You can find more information about Graceland Portable Buildings at